Starting 2017 with a New Website

Our new website, including its new URL are now live, so bookmark The Hague Convention Bureau in your browser! The site has been designed to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience as well as its improved functionality with the inclusion of the new venue finder.

Additionally, it has been built to cope with the ever-changing digital landscape, providing a more future-proof platform, new tools and comprehensive information.

It also builds on the country-wide efforts towards integration of information pertaining to travel and tourism in the Netherlands, drawing much of its data about the venues from the National Database for Tourism, Recreation and Culture (NDTRC - Nationale Databank voor Toerisme, Recreatie en Cultuur).

“In a world where cities are becoming smarter, cars are becoming autonomous and events are expected to align themselves to the best that technology has to offer, The Hague and The Hague Convention Bureau must also continuously improve on their digital services,” according to Mrs Nienke van der Malen – van der Horst, Director of the Bureau.  “The new site is a sustainable platform which we can continue to develop, adjusting to the emerging needs of our customers.”

“From here on we are planning to redesign many of the processes that are currently standard in this industry – digitalising and thus also personalising the experience of our partners and our customers.”

The new addition serves as the cornerstone for the THCB who are pressing ahead with their renewed business strategy, and the aim of taking the city into a leading position as a destination for congresses and business events by the end of 2018. 

The website will also serve as a central point of information and cooperation among various businesses who are involved in servicing the event industry in the city.

“The new website brings us closer to our strategic goal of becoming the second most popular destination for business and association events in The Netherlands,” explained Mrs van der Malen – van der Horst, “We find ourselves in the best possible position to accurately communicate what we stand for. This is a very important milestone in our constantly developing success story.”