The Hague - a City Dressed in Mondriaan

The Netherlands is celebrating a special commemoration in 2017: the 100th anniversary of the ‘De Stijl’ artist movement, pioneered by figures such as Piet Mondriaan and Bart van der Leck. To mark this unique occasion, a wealth of nation-wide exhibitions, festivals, lectures and documentaries will be taking place.

The Hague has been ‘mondrianised’ this year, with the Town Hall exhibiting the famous ‘Victory Boogie-Woogie’ style on its outer walls. Partners of The Hague Convention Bureau’s extensive network have also undergone a metamorphosis - the Bilderberg Europa Hotel in Scheveningen, for instance, has recently ‘dressed up’ in the artwork’s colours. 

Delegates coming to The Hague for a meeting in 2017 will not only benefit from the allure of colourful and chromatically-appealing venues, but can also tap into the cultural buzz generated with this festive circumstance. Gemeentemuseum The Hague owns the largest Mondriaan collection in the world, and this year it will present all 300 works, usually loaned out to international museums, for the first time, much to the delight of visitors, whether they are business delegates or tourists.

'It’s fantastic that The Hague is so connected to Mondriaan and his contemporaries in De Stijl. In this way, the city is showing the world that it is a home to international top art – and therefore also to international culture lovers and tourists,' declared Benno Tempel, Director of Gemeentemuseum The Hague. 

The ‘De Stijl’ artistic movement focuses on shapes and contours of objects, and was considered at its inception a completely ‘new art’ seeking to modernise society. This profoundly resonates with the main strengths of The Hague, often described as an epicentre for innovation, creativity and forward-thinking. As THCB’s main objective is to bring top-class, world-changing events to the city and make a real difference, the metaphoric connotations of Mondriaan’s legacy align themselves well within this ambition. 

‘Mondrian works like an economic multiplier. Mondrian’s worldwide fame attracts huge numbers of visitors, who not only visit the museum but also return for other activities. The Hague is expected to benefit most from this Mondrian Year. Yet another reason for us citizens of The Hague to be proud of our city. The City Dressing will strengthen that feeling,’ stated Karsten Klein, Deputy Mayor of The Hague. 

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