Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 The Hague: The Future Now

The Case

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) is the most significant event when it comes to promoting international entrepreneurship and the crucial role it plays in developing concrete solutions to global challenges.

With The Hague as host city of the summit’s 9th edition, GES took place in the European Union for the first time in history. From 3-5 June World Forum The Hague transformed into a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

More than 1200 hand selected entrepreneurs and 400 investors from over 170 nationalities came together with top policy makers including Queen Maxima, Mayor of The Hague, Pauline Krikke, Prime Minister of The Netherlands, Mark Rutte, U.S. Secretary of State, Michael R. Pompeo, as well as notable panelists such as Master Card CEO, Ajay Banga and Ivanka Trump all gathered with the common goal to accelerate solutions. 

Name of the organisation: Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES)  
Name of the event: GES 2019
Date of the event: 3-5 June 2019
Number of attendees: more than 1200 entrepreneurs & 400 investors from over 170 nationalities 
Venue: Atrium of The Hague's City Hall (opening reception) on 3 June and World Forum The Hague on 4-5 June

This year, GES evolved around the theme “The Future Now” and focused on entrepreneur-led innovation in scalable tech, from artificial intelligence and robotics to blockchain, big data and new science in Agriculture, Connectivity, Energy, Health and Water. Furthermore, the access to capitaljob creation, and women’s economic empowerment were overarching aspects. 

“The Kingdom of the Netherlands is proud to be hosting this conference with our valued partner, the United States of America. Like the US, we are a land of entrepreneurs; an ultimate ‘trading nation’. A country with a tradition of investing in international cooperation and in a rules-based order drawn from our common values. Gateway to Europe, and to the future. A country that seeks strength in cooperation. Open, inclusive and innovative. I’m proud to say that, for global challenges, there’s always a Dutch solution!”

- Sigrid Kaag, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, at the plenary opening session of GES 2019.

The City

GES 2019 has a perfect match with the profile of the city of The Hague, where businesses, international organizations and creative minds come together to work towards a better, safer and a more just world.
Doing good and doing business forms the very heart and soul of The Hague’s economy. From the world-famous Peace Palace to the pioneering tech communities and creative hotspots, The Hague works towards building a free and fair world. The Global Entrepreneurship Summit was a great example of an event that resonates with The Hague’s ethos and the belief that economic success has to go hand in hand with solutions for a better world.
The Hague is an open-minded city with an entrepreneurial spirit. To foster impact and entrepreneurship, the municipality of The Hague facilitates easy access to networks, capital, talent and markets and hereby creates a climate that’s highly favorable for young businesses. 

“This city has the right business culture to contribute to GES’ aims. From IT and telecom, to cybersecurity, legal and energy issues – The Hague is simply the place to be. And it is not just the place to be — it is the place to stay. A green and friendly city, with hard-working people and a beautiful beach. A city that has the rest of Europe just around the corner.”

- Richard de Mos, Deputy Major of The Hague.

Side Events

Networking events, interactive workshops and mentoring sessions offered delegates true added value, endless opportunities and inspiration.
The Hague and Partners, ImpactCity and other local partners organized the versatile side programme that complemented the theme of GES 2019.
The Hague is a frontrunner in renewable energy and sustainability, which reflects city’s ethos Doing Good and Doing Business. This notion was found back in side-events like the special edition of The Hague Talks on How To Connect Business To The Global Good or an investment seminar on Future Green Energy

Event Outcomes

An estimated 20,000 emerging leaders have participated in Global Entrepreneurship Summits since the first edition in 2010. Relationships formed at these summits have transcended borders, industries, and sectors and have led to investment opportunities, partnerships, and successful enterprises all over the world.

At one of the official GES 2019 side events - the Investors Beach BBQ - Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines announced that intelligent content platform has secured an investment of €3 million by InnovationQuarter, Disruptive Technology Ventures (DTV) and an angel investor. Richard Smit, CEO of said, “We are extremely proud that these investors believe in our solution and vision and are supporting us in our ambition to grow and further develop the platform. More than 80 per cent of the information held by organisations is unstructured. Using AIpowered technologies, helps them automate the processing and structuring of this vast amount of unstructured data and uncover its hidden value.”
At a pre-event to GES 2019 the Dutch Rabobank furthermore announced a close collaboration with the municipality of The Hague to support the start and scale up community. This collaboration aims at granting easy access to capital to even more impact entrepreneurs in the future. 

The Support

The Hague Convention Bureau (THCB) and The Hague & Partners (TH&P) were heavily involved into securing and guiding the 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Summit from the beginning to the end.
TH&P, together with a range of local partners, such as ImpactCity, The Hague Talks, Humanity Hub and many more was responsible for the organization and execution of the strong side programme that resembled the DNA of both the host city The Hague and the theme of GES 2019.
Furthermore The Hague Convention Bureau together with the Municipality of The Hague supported GES organizers as a local force and helped promote GES by means of city dressing and assisted in executing GES’ PR, marketing and social media strategy. 

The GES Summit showed the world that The Hague is the city of doing good and doing business. More than 2.000 participants, predominantly impact entrepreneurs but also investors and global leaders from 140 countries were brought together to develop innovative solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges. Check out the highlights in this aftermovie made by ImpactCity The Hague.