The Hague: Pension Funds & Classic Cars

The Case

The WorldPensionSummit, WPS, is an annual event which brings together international delegates to discuss the trends and developments within the pension fund world. The Netherlands has a well-known reputation for a good pension system and many pension fund organisations are located in The Hague; which is why event organisers chose the city. The 8th edition of WPS was held in the Louwman Museum, an antique and classic car museum, for the fourth consecutive year. 

Name of organisation: Pensions & Investments
Name of event: WorldPensionSummit 2017 “Investing for the long-term”
Date of the event: 25 – 26 October 2017
Number of attendees: 250
Venue: Louwman Museum 

What you see is that many people from all over the globe come to the Netherlands to learn about what we have done well, and The Hague is the center for pensions in the Netherlands.

Eric Eggink
- CEO EgginkvanManen & Founder WPS

The Venue

Event organisers decided to use a nontraditional venue as the WPS delegation customarily attends conferences in hotels and conventions centres. The venue needed to be both interesting and facilitate networking opportunities for WPS delegates. The Louwman Museum was selected as it offers delegates an opportunity to explore the world’s oldest private car collection while attending the annual conference. Networking opportunities were equally as important as the conference content; therefore, networking spaces were created around the venue to promote discussions in between sessions. 

8th WorldPensionSummit

The 8th edition of the WorldPensionSummit was hosted at the Louwman museum in The Hague. 

Watch this video and find out why the WPS has been hosting its event in The Hague for the fourth consecutive year.

The City

The Hague was chosen because the city offered WPS three important things: easy access for their global delegation, a city which reflects most pension funds’ ideals, and a nontraditional venue WPS delegates enjoy visiting. This event is the only pension summit in the world, and it has been hosted in The Hague for the past four years. 

The Support

It was important for event organisers to create an atmosphere that was interesting, engaging, and could not be replicated in another venue. The Hague Convention Bureau was instrumental in helping WPS secure the best venue for this event— the Louwman Museum. An information booth was set up during the WPS conference to give delegates an insider’s look at what can be done in The Hague.

The Netherlands is known as a place for pension innovation. That is why we ended up in The Hague, the international center for justice, which aligns very nicely with the mission of most of the large pension funds.

Nikki Pirrello
- Associate Group Publisher, P&I Marketing & Conferences

The Client

Pensions & Investments delivers news, research and analysis to the executives who manage the flow of funds in the institutional investment market. The WorldPensionSummit, a P&I conference, is a platform for and by pension professionals and provides a truly global learning and networking experience.