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The Hague Convention Bureau Webinar

Changed perspective: a second view on the future


This webinar will revolve around revisiting the past 6 months. What has changed in the last 6 months for you? We are inviting some of the previous episode's panel members. In order to bring more interaction, we will utilize questions from our most loyal audience, who has watched all our webinars and asked the most relevant questions.  

 Topics to be covered:  

  • Did the development of the crisis change your perspective on matters?¬†
  • What new opportunities can be incorporated in the longer term in the meetings industry?¬†
  • Industry resilience¬†and new collaborations and ways of doing sales and marketing.¬†
  • Mental health.¬†Advice from our peers in different continents dealing with the situation.¬†

The panel: 

Moderated by:

The Hague Convention Bureau Webinar