Information for City Partners

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts - together with all our partners we make The Hague a truly attractive destination that has so much to offer and with such high quality.

The extent and the commitment to our common goals defines our success and we are very proud of what has been achieved so far. Several prestigious awards, a better position in the international ranking, a closer and more efficient cooperation, and so much exciting potential to explore - all of this is a fantastic motivation and proof that we are on the right track!

Upcoming Events for Partners

Every year we host a series of events for partners to make sure that we continue to learn, grow and build better connections among ourselves and within the city. We strive to make our events diverse in their format and content and we are always happy to see you here. Below, you will find information about upcoming events as they get confirmed to give you an idea of what is planned for the year. As partner you will receive more detailed information by email.

Let’s Spread the Word

At the same time, we are only halfway there, for our ambition is great. As we continue to strengthen our network and cooperation behind the scenes, we must not forget to offer anyone interested in The Hague as complete and diverse a picture of our city as possible. We invite you to keep us up to date with all the exciting and interesting activities which you are involved with so that we can further spread the word, through this website, social media and all other great channels out there. Hosting an event that you are proud of? Let’s make sure it is on this calendar of upcoming events in the Hague. It is easy to do, just upload your event information, including name and date.

Newsletter for Partners

We keep you updated through the dedicated partner newsletter - sharing all the success, challenges, as well as offering you all the relevant information that should enable you to benefit from the partnership network. If you are not receiving the newsletter, please contact us using the information below.