The Hague to host The CIPRE conference and expo

21 April 2017 – Next month The Hague will welcome the CIPRE conference and expo taking place in The Crown Plaza, The Hague from 9 – 11 May. The conference programme will bring together international experts, leading industry speakers and professionals to discuss and join forces on improving the security infrastructure of Europe.

The Hague is an ideal destination for events related to safety and security due to its strong profile as the city of Peace and Justice. At the same time the city is known as the ‘Secure gateway to Europe’ due to the fact that many dedicated organizations and businesses are headquartered here, such as The Hague Security Delta (HSD) and Europol. HSD is the leading security cluster in Europe, connecting businesses, governments and research institutions and working to build a more secure world. Europol is the European Union’s law enforcement agency and aims to achieve a safer Europe for all of EU citizens. 

“Innovation and knowledge-sharing in the field of safety and security is one of The Hague’s strongest profiles and events such as the CIPRE build upon and contribute to this cluster of knowledge. We welcome and are happy to facilitate the ambition of the event organizers, speakers and delegates who will most certainly leave a lasting legacy here,” says Nienke van der Malen – van der Horst, the director of The Hague Convention Bureau. 

The conference supports the aim of The Treaty of Lisbon, which encourages EU Member States to cooperate for a safer world. Delegates will review and update policies, practices and technologies to combat danger. Due to the ever-changing nature of threats, man-made attacks, physical or cyber-attacks, and natural disasters will be addressed.

Critical infrastructure and its reliable operation is the cornerstone of international security, health and economy. Institutions such as the European Commission, the European Union and the European Programme have adopted measures to protect the infrastructure from external threats. Many European countries have implemented extra security measures to tighten their defense against increased man-made attacks. An enhanced preparedness and response to natural disasters has been prioritised by authorities for the well-being of residents and the functioning of the economy.

The event is a platform for constructive debate, promotion of cooperation and educational opportunities. CIPRE welcomes participants from police and security agencies, emergency services, event security managers, architects, military and border officials, airport security managers and many other professionals operating in the security and safety industry to attend the conference. 

The location of the event is The Crown Plaza hotel which was recently renovated.