MICE Peak 2018: Organisers donate no-show fees to Dutch Sheltersuit Foundation

No-shows are not only frustrating, but cost event planners a lot of money and effort. Those organising events in the MICE industry know the struggle only too well, since the no-show numbers in this niche are difficult to predict and pre-empt.

At this year’s MICE Peak, which took place in The Hague earlier this month, the Dutch Sheltersuit Foundation captivated organisers and visitors with their simple yet ground-breaking idea and triggered a movement that will help turn aggravating no-shows into a good cause.

Using MICE Peak 2018 as a receptive podium, The Dutch Sheltersuit Foundation presented how their product can be used to improve the lives of thousands of people. Sheltersuit is a water- and windproof coat which can be transformed into a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag then protects the whole body against wind, rain and cold. During the day it can easily be stored away in a special backpack. The suit is made out of upcycled and recycled materials and is given out to homeless people and refugees for free.

MICE Peak 2018
Jurrie Barkel (Sheltersuit board member) presented their work in The Hague’s Peace Palace to the event planners who were attending MICE Peak this year. The project left visitors moved and inspired. Following the event, the agency Panem et Circences, initiators of MICEboard and organiser of MICE Boat, MICE Peak and MICE by melody, decided to take action. For their upcoming events late cancellations and no-shows are charged € 50 per person, of which the entire amount will be donated to the Sheltersuit Foundation.

No-show fees
‘Considering the fact that event planners very often get to celebrate opulently in first-class locations, while other people might be sleeping and freezing in the delivery entrance of that same location, it seems only reasonable to charge cancellation and no-show fees to support this great project with the money raised’, stated the organisation.

Building a better world
’This is an amazing initiative and we couldn’t be prouder that The Hague inspired this movement’ says Nienke van der Malen, director of The Hague Convention Bureau. ’Our city is widely known as the International City of Peace and Justice, we have a strong focus on building a better world by facilitating positive impact. We are delighted that such a strong bond formed between what The Hague represents and the event it had the honour to host.’ The Hague Convention Bureau (THCB), who works in close collaboration with The Hague Humanity Hub, had brought together Sheltersuit representatives and MICE Peak organisers. THCB connects event planners to the many great initiatives located in the city, and thus adds meaning and sustainable impact to events organised in The Hague.

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