The Hague Wins M&IT 2016

THCB received the Gold M&IT Award for Best Overseas Convention Bureau on the 26th February, a recognition that emphasises the success of the city’s recent shift in strategy. “Our focus has always been on being a reliable and flexible partner to all those interested in hosting an event in The Hague, but now we support it with our strong commitment to developing a sustainable partnership."

”Everybody is enjoying the benefits of a stronger collaboration: the supplier network within the city, organisers of the events and – ultimately – event visitors. It is the case of a whole being larger than the sum of its parts,” she explained.

The M&IT Industry Awards are the UK’s largest and most prestigious recognition programme in the event industry, this year held at Battersea Evolution in London.

“We are overwhelmed to have received such a strong recognition from UK-based event planners that The Hague is leading the way,” said Paul Swain THCB Business Events Sales Manager. “The independent vote- based award underlines our commitment to the UK market, and we are very grateful for all the support that has put The Hague at the top, especially in the face of such strong competition.”

The Hague is closely connected to the UK through several of its economic clusters, especially Finance & Legal, Information & Technology, and Security, and is therefore of great interest to local event organizers. According to The Hague Convention Bureau, this recognition is an important first step in the ambition to make The Hague one of the top 50 event destinations in the world, as outlined in the organization’s strategy for the upcoming three years.

“The timing of the award couldn’t be any better – we just launched our new brand identity, which communicates the uniqueness and the excellence of the city as an event destination".

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