A Perfect Match: The Hague & World Justice Project

The Case

The World Justice Project chose The Hague, the International City of Peace and Justice, for a second time as their host city because they felt the city’s values mirrored their organisation’s mission.  The World Justice Forum V brought together hundreds of global leaders within several sectors to develop collaborative solutions for advancing peace, opportunity, and equity worldwide. THCB helped our client create a congress that promoted an open atmosphere where delegates felt safe and could work together.

Name of organisation: World Justice Project
Name of event: World Justice Forum V
Date of the event: 10- 13 July 2017
Number of attendees: 300 +
Venue: World Forum The Hague 
Images:  Daniel Maissan for World Justice Project

We explored coming to The Hague in 2013 for the first time because we believed it was thematically associated with the values and the mission of the World Justice Project. The Hague is not only deeply committed to peace and justice, but also to innovation — so it was a wonderful match for us.

Nancy Ward
- World Justice Project, Chief Engagement Officer

The Venue

The World Forum, the largest venue in The Hague, was the preferred venue for the international event. The World Justice Project needed a facility that functioned in a way that worked for their unique and diverse group of delegates. One of the reasons why the World Justice Project came back to the World Forum is because of the immense capacity and professionalism the staff exhibited their first time in 2013.

World Justice Forum V in The Hague

The World Justice Project chose The Hague, the International City of Peace and Justice, for a second time as their host city. Watch this quick recap of the World Justice Forum V taking place in The Hague to get an idea what it is like to organise an event in The Hague and work together with The Hague Convention Bureau!

The City

In 2013, the WJF took place in The Hague, and it was a huge success because of the shared ideals between the city and the organisation. Therefore, when it came time to plan WJF 2017, our client solicited help from the THCB so their international event could return to The Hague.  

The Support

It was important for us to help our client create the exact type of event they envisioned for WJF delegates: safe yet open. We offered the World Justice Project a wide network of city partners who provided the exact services they needed to make their event both pleasant and memorable for delegates.  

The Hague Convention Bureau has been a very helpful resource for us and we can really count on them for everything: help with airport arrivals, the types of printers to use for conference material, how to keep our delegates safe, social programs for delegates, photography, and media resources.

Dr Juan Carlos Botero
- World Justice Project, Executive Director

The Client

The World Justice Project® (WJP) is an independent, multidisciplinary organisation working to advance the rule of law worldwide. Find out more about the World Justice Project here

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