Taat & de Regt

Taat & de Regt is the official catering service for the Nieuwe Kerk event venue in The Hague. True to the motto “everything is possible” Taat & de Regt offers a wide array of catering services ranging from receptions with coffee, tea and treats; a small lunch, or a luxurious gala dinner.

The Art of Catering

For Taat & de Regt catering is not simply providing a meal for guests, but creating a memorable experience through the art of food and senses. We understand that tasteful catering is just one of the many ways to communicate your message and ensure your guests have a positive experience at your event. 

Unforgettable Events

At Taat & de Regt we create unforgettable moments by focusing on the principal senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling. The more senses being addressed, the more powerful the experience will be for your guests.

That is the strength of Taat & de Regt: catering is not food, it’s art, and art must be experienced.

Spui 175 
2511 BM The Hague 
The Netherlands