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Corporate Events The Hague

Corona Rules for events in the Netherlands

4 October 2021

As of September 25, it is no longer mandatory to keep 1.5 meters of distance. And when visiting places that are more crowded, such as festivals, gigs and professional sporting events, you will need a COVID certificate. These rules are determined by the government and can change. We will update this article in case the rules change. Make sure to also check the government website for the latest updates.

Rules for visiting an event or festival

  • All visitors aged 13 and over are required to show a COVID certificate. From the age of 14, the COVID certificate will be checked together with the identity card.
  • You do not have to keep 1.5-meter distance

Rules for entrepreneurs and organizers of an event or festival

All events are permitted as of September 25. The following applies:

  • It is not obligatory to keep 1.5 meters distance
  • You are required to check all visitors aged 13 and over for the COVID certificate. From the age of 14, the corona access card must be checked together with the ID card. 
  • You are required to do the registration and a health check.
  • You must ensure controlled entry and exit.
  • You are required to work with ticket sales (whether free or not).
  • You will ensure sufficient distance between artists and the public.
  • You must make agreements with your municipality about these precautions and how you have arranged the access control.
  • You should make arrangements with the Municipal Health Service (GGD) so that a source and contact investigation can be carried out quickly and effectively in the event of an outbreak.
  • You must ensure that, in the case of a multi-day (business) event with an overnight stay, the COVID certificate is checked every 24 hours.
  • Entertainment, such as live music, is allowed.
  • Indoor and outdoor events, with or without a fixed seat
  • Events are permitted with the use of corona access tickets. The following applies:

Outdoor event

Without a fixed seat    

  • No maximum number of visitors.
  • No end time, but catering establishments do close after 00.00 hrs, with the exception of take-away facilities.

With fixed seat    

  • No maximum number of visitors. 
  • No end time, catering industry does close after 00.00, with the exception of takeaways.
  • COVID certificate for indoor events

Indoor events

Without a fixed seat    

  • 75% of regular capacity and allowed until 0:00 am.
  • Between 00:00 and 06:00 only allowed to continue if visitors are given a fixed seat.
  • Catering industry closes after 00:00, with the exception of take-away options.

With permanent seat    

  • No maximum number of visitors.
  • No end time, hospitality industry does close after 00:00, with the exception of takeaways.
  • If some of the visitors/guests at the event have a fixed seat, and some do not have a fixed seat the rules for events without a fixed seat apply.

Rules for events in flow-through locations

There is no mandatory use of COVID certificates in flow-through locations. For example, amusement parks and museums. And for flow-through events, such as carnivals. Is there any hospitality present at the flow-through location or the flow-through event? Like a restaurant in the Efteling. Then the rules for regular catering apply.

Definition of event

An event is defined as a location (including catering facilities) where, for example, a performance, festival, show or party takes place. A fair, professional competition or congress is also an event. When an event takes place is ultimately up to the competent (local) authority.

Latest update

These measures are applicable since September 25, 2021 and can change. In case the measures change, we will update this article. Check out the government website for the latest updates as well.

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