The Hague: An Accessible City Full Of Options

The Case

The 39th ESPEN Congress united 3,300 participants from more than 100 countries in The Hague. The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) sought our expertise when they decided to host their annual congress in the Netherlands for the third time. Our client decided to bring their conference to The Hague because of the accessibility and options found in the city.  

Name of organisation: The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN)
Name of event: 39th ESPEN Congress  
Date of the event: 9 – 12 September 2017
Number of attendees: 3,300
Venue: World Forum The Hague 

THCB showed us what was possible in The Hague; they took us to museums, to Madurodam, and the World Forum. They looked at all the details, and we liked that because we are care professionals, we are not a conference bureau, so THCB was a big help.

Cora Jonkers
- Dietitian AMC, Secretary Local Organising Committee ESPEN

The Venue

As this was a large congress, our client needed a venue that could accommodate 3,300 participants in one place. Our team suggested the World Forum — since this venue has the largest auditorium in The Hague — along with extra rooms for breakout sessions and lectures, which were needed to support the congress program.   

39th ESPEN congress in The Hague

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The City

Our client chose The Hague because of its accessible location and the different activities that could be enjoyed by delegates.  When delegates were not attending the event; they were able to go to Scheveningen beach, enjoy the restaurants, or visit the many different museums around the city. For many delegates this was their first time coming to The Hague; therefore, it was important that delegates be able to get around the city easily.

The Support

The THCB team worked with ESPEN to provide them with the best options for their 39th congress. During our initial meetings, we presented the ESPEN LOC with possible choices for a conference venue, hotels, special dinner locations, and ideas for social and physical programs. Our team was there to guide ESPEN with the conference logistics and help them meet their budget goals.  

The Client

Every year, the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) attracts participants from a diverse array of specialisations, including doctors, nutrition nurses, pharmacists and dieticians. ESPEN is dedicated to all issues relevant to the field of clinical nutrition and metabolism and promotes: basic and clinical research, basic and advanced education, and organisation of consensus statements about clinical care and care quality control. 
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