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What are you looking for?

Rocket Fuel Events

Rocket Fuel Events is the go-to agency to design and organise all of your incentives, events and meetings.

Rocket Fuel Events

About Rocket Fuel Events

In addition to advising on all matters related to the event, we take care of everything for you – of course always keeping your objectives in mind. We not only want to know exactly what you are looking for in an event, but above all we want to know why. This approach allows us to create an amazing event while keeping the delicate balance between time, creativity and budget in mind. Born, raised and living in The Hague, we not only know the right venues for your event but we can also show you the hidden treasures in and around town. 

The Way We Work

When you partner with Rocket Fuel Events, you can count on an inspired, enterprising and adventurous journey together. A long-term partnership based on a well-considered annual  “Multi Fuel” plan. By Multi Fuel we mean the long term - a series of events that dovetail and complement one another in a logical way. In consultation with our clients we determine the objective for each event, as well as the event business objective for the entire year. A shared journey of co-creation to unforgettable and inspiring experiences.

Our Promise

Rocket Fuel Events will ensure that you and your guests will experience the event of a lifetime. The road we travel together towards your event will become a cherished memory, for both of us! 

Rocket Fuel Events

Who We Are

  • We are right at home in the travel industry and we have over 20 years’ experience in organising incentives, meetings and events, both nationally and abroad.
  • The Rocket Fuel Team has the following characteristics at its disposal: passionate, enterprising, adventurous, cpmmitted.
  • Above all, we always go for the extra mile to achieve your goal.
  • We work with a global network of reliable partners, who naturally also share the Rocket Fuel values.


Van Galenstraat 6a
2518 EP The Hague 
The Netherlands