The Hague: Vision 2017

The Case

Every three years, the International Society for Low Vision Research and Rehabilitation (ISLRR) organises a conference that brings together scientists, practitioners, and representatives of organisations from the low vision rehabilitation sector. In 2017, the event successfully reunited participants from more than 50 countries, offering a programme of the most recent researches and innovations in the low vision field. The 11th edition of the Vision conference was held at the World Forum The Hague.

Name of organisation: International Society for Low Vision Research and Rehabilitation (ISLRR)
Name of event: Vision 2017 “Low vision rehabilitation, a global right
Date of the event: 25 - 29 June 2017
Number of attendees: 1300
Venue: World Forum The Hague

The Venue

When an organisation chooses The Hague a multitude of venues are available to meet the specific needs of their event.  The World Forum The Hague was recommended to conference organisers because of its outstanding accessibility features, capable of catering to the needs of low vision attendees. The layout of the building made it possible for all presentations to take place on the same level.  Additional signage and guiding blocks were placed to help guide attendees inside the building. The venue also provided prime designated spaces for exhibitions and networking, which for organisers was one of the most important aspects of the conference.

For Vision 2017, network spaces, exhibition and meeting points to meet other participants was the most important point of the whole conference. The World Forum The Hague was an excellent place to organise a conference with regard to this subject.

Prof. dr. Ger van Rens
- Chair, Vision 2017

Vision 2017 conference in The Hague

In 2017, The Hague and World Forum The Hague had the pleasure of hosting the 11th edition of the Vision conference. The event brought together 1300 participants from more than 50 countries to share recent innovations in the field of low vision rehabilitation.

Watch this video and learn more about why The Hague was the ideal location for this truly international conference.

The City

The Hague was chosen for two main reasons: the accessible event infrastructure and the location of the city itself. As the home city of the World Forum, The Hague provided excellent facilities, suitable for the requirements of the event. Also, with 11 kilometres of coastline, Scheveningen beach was perfect location for the social programme. Participants attended a fun conference dinner and a beach BBQ event. The support of the VVV contributed to rounding the experience of the foreign participants. Their recommendations helped participants further enjoy the city, the Netherlands, and Europe. 

The Support

The Hague Convention Bureau helped in organising the event before, during and after the selection of the venue, and the conference itself. The organisers have been advised on the suitability of the building, its logistics and opportunities to accommodate the desired presentations, exhibitions and networking areas. Also, THCB provided the organisers with financial counselling and offered guidance in the process of accessing the funds allocated by the municipality for the support of such conferences and conventions. 

I believe that this conference was the best one ever, and I’m proud to say that my opinion is shared by many of the other participants, too.

Prof. dr. Ger van Rens
- Chair, Vision 2017

The Client

The International Society for Low Vision Research and Rehabilitation (ISLRR) are people from a variety of disciplines who work in the field of research and development for rehabilitation of people with vision impairment. This includes ophthalmologists, optometrists, orthoptists, physicists, psychologists, therapists, physicians, and clinical healthcare professionals, among others.


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