The Hague joins forces with Crime Stoppers International and hosts 39th annual conference

The 39th Annual Crime Stoppers International Conference will take place in Hilton The Hague on 29 – 31 October. The event gathers law enforcement agencies, civil society and policymakers from all over the world to network and exchange best practises. On this occasion, a unified partnership between the city of The Hague and Crime Stoppers International will be declared.

Crime Stoppers International (CSI) is a Netherlands-based, non-profit organisation that protects tipsters by providing communities with platforms for reporting crimes anonymously.

Crime Stoppers International
The Crime Stoppers concept was the brainchild of Greg MacAleese, who as a police officer was investigating the murder of a university student in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1976. By doing a re-enactment of the crime, providing a toll-free number, a reward and guaranteed anonymity, he was able to receive a tip from the public which led to the arrest of two perpetrators and the birth of the Crime Stoppers movement. The principles by which Crime Stoppers International was founded and still operates by today, are grounded in law enforcement methodologies. Having succeeded in forming a global network of civilians, law enforcement entities and investigators across 24 countries, every 14 minutes a crime is solved as a direct result of the CSI programme, according to Crime Stoppers Global Statistics. In fact, Crime Stopper chapters from around the world have helped law enforcement arrest over 1 million criminals over the past forty years.

With this year’s conference revolving around the theme “Creating Alliances Against Crime”, ‘there is no better location for CSI to host its 39th Annual Conference than the City of Peace and Justice’ states Devrol Dupigny, Crime Stoppers International Chief Operations Officer. CSI has recently reinforced its connection to the city, by becoming a member of The Hague Humanity Hub, a community of innovators in peace, justice and humanitarian actions. One major outcome of the Crime Stoppers International Conference will be the development of “The Hague Accord”, a declaration of support for the Crime Stoppers International movement and an assertion of a unified partnership in the fight against criminal activity worldwide. Around 150 attendees will join this year’s conference and consist of representatives from governmental institutions, law enforcement, crime stopper personnel and members of the civil society from all over the world.

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