Corporate Events in The Hague

Find out how we can help you to organise the perfect corporate event in The Hague. Take full advantage of what the city has to offer, and craft a unique experience!

Your Corporate Event in The Hague

There’s nothing like a solid corporate event to get your business going! Such get-togethers enable your staff from all over the world to come together, exchange new ideas, generate solutions for current and upcoming challenges, and keep the business cogs oiled and running at full capacity.

We invite you to organise your corporate event in The Hague, and take advantage of our world-class infrastructure and the excitement of discovery. Try a refreshing and distinctly different Dutch city, rather than re-visiting the same old places! We also recognise the importance of every aspect of your experience, however big or small, and we are passionate about tailoring our service offerings so that they meet each and every one of your needs.

The Accessibility

The Hague is very close to one of Europe’s major international hub airports – Amsterdam Schiphol. With direct flights connections to hundreds of European and intercontinental destinations, this is one of the easiest places in Europe to get to! On arrival, a short road or rail transfer will bring you directly to the city centre.

Once in The Hague, the city’s efficient urban transport system, and the compact size of The Hague makes getting around town a breeze.

‘The public transportation system in The Hague is one of the most efficient ones in the country. Whether you choose a bus, train or one of the beautiful trams, you will always get to your destination on time.’

Mr. James Serris
- Delegate

The Impact

The Hague’s stature and gravitas has always made it a focal point for key discussions, decisions and actions. Our city is in the unique position to help you organise an event that truly makes an impact on the success of your company.

By connecting you to our well-established network of partners, which includes hotels and conference venues, as well as restaurants and event companies, we have one objective in mind: to make your meeting in The Hague as memorable and effective as possible. We leave no stone unturned in our effort to achieve just that!

The Alternative Location

While consistency is good, a change of scenery is often welcome. Normally this may require some compromise on air access or transfer time. With The Hague, no compromise is needed: you open up a city that everyone has heard of, but maybe not yet got to visit or explore. The Hague always surprises on the upside, with its unique charm and chic, with its international appeal and cosmopolitan feel, with its historic heart and rich culture. Think of The Hague if you are looking for an alternative location with new experiences, exciting and dynamic atmosphere.

Then add to this: the beach. If the easy access, the effectiveness and the diversity did not convince you, our 11 km of beautiful coastline certainly should. Let The Hague surprise you with its playful side - the beautiful sandy beaches are the perfect place to wind down and enjoy a stunning sunset after a busy day.

Let's Make Your Event a Success

Do you think that The Hague might work for one of your future events? Then take a look at how we can help: use our expertise, knowledge, contacts and tools to let us map out how your specific event could realise its ambition in The Hague, and create that ‘stand-out’ event.

We are here to help. Contact Marinke with any questions about organising your corporate event in The Hague.