Join Us on a Fam Trip

Not all fam trips are born equal. While some are quite alright and others are really good, here in The Hague we do something rather outstanding. Our fam trips, full of exciting discoveries and an explosion of ideas, would win a “Fam trip of the year” award, if only there was one!

Let Us Show You Around

We invite you to join us on the discovery of The Hague and find out why we love it so much. Fam trips are the perfect opportunity for event organisers to explore The Hague, familiarise themselves with the city and discover some of its hidden gems. This year, our fam trips will get a completely different character.

Focusing intensely on the unique experiences that The Hague offers its visitors, we aim to stay away from the beaten path and provide you with a real adventure! We invite you to apply for one of the upcoming fam trips and are looking forward to welcoming you in our amazing city.

Fam Trips 2019

UK-based Event Planners Fam Trip to The Hague & Rotterdam.

Thursday 4 - Saturday 6 July 2019  

ONE Mega-Hub!
TWO of Europe’s most up and coming mid-sized cities.
THREE days to ‘road-test’ The Hague & Rotterdam with your event planner peers and experience for yourself how you can get max-sized impact on minimum-sized budgets!
We've got the global hub of Amsterdam Schiphol on our doorstep and a comparable transfer time to most of the well-worn and over-used European Capitals. Yet The Hague & Rotterdam open up two refreshing, dynamic and distinctly different Dutch destinations for your next event agenda!
Put us to the test and get first-hand destination knowledge of two contrasting cities that are gaining popularity as new, viable and alternative options for your future events! 
For more information and registration to attend this Fam Trip, please contact Paul Swain via paul(at) | +44 (0)1737 279110.