The Knowledge Infrastructure

Well-known for its long-lasting association with peace and justice, the city offers world-class expertise. The knowledge infrastructure in The Hague encompasses a variety of industries, including cyber security, IT and telecommunications, energy and renewables, legal and finance, as well as oil and gas.

Peace & Justice

The Hague has been a resounding name on the international stage of events ever since it hosted the first international peace congress in 1899. Since then, it has seen constant progress which nowadays makes it the world’s second UN city after New York. More than 10,000 people work from within The Hague everyday to make the world a better, more peaceful place. This significant effort translates into the presence of many top-class international institutions, such as Europol, the International Criminal Court and Tribunal, as well as the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize winning Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. 


Our city also houses the largest security cluster in Europe: The Hague Security Delta. This pooling of knowledge and expertise - 400 security-related organisations - drives business into the region, employing more than 13,000 people locally, and contributing to 25% of the Netherland’s national turnover. Major international advancements and breakthroughs in the fields of cyber security, forensics, national security and critical infrastructure originate in The Hague area. However, given the globalised and highly interconnected world of today, The Hague Security Delta is not an isolated grouping of specialised businesses. Alongside with its regional hubs, the cluster shares its knowledge with many noteworthy international partners and collaborates with security sectors in the USA, Canada, Singapore, South Africa and other countries. 

‘The Hague Security Delta campus is a melting pot of knowledge institutes, government agencies and businesses... Our innovations we do with either business partners, with governments, or with knowledge institutes.’

Pim Volkers
- Fox-IT

IT & Telecom

A champion in technology, the Netherlands is one of the most wired countries in the world and has an outstanding glass fiber optic infrastructure that contributes to excellent internet access across the country. In turn, The Hague takes pride in its well-established IT & Telecommunications sector, an efficient network that enables a free-flowing cooperation between the companies involved. The city acts as a gateway for knowledge and innovation in the field of IT & Telecommunications. The sector is constantly enhanced by the inflow of young and ambitious minds partaking in the excellent programmes offered by the Delft University of Technology and the Haagse Hogeschool, ranging from electrical engineering, mathematics and computing science to international communication management.

With such an efficient infrastructure and a self-replenishing pool of talent, it is no surprise that The Hague is an ideal location for both national and international IT & Telecommunications companies to settle. Notable institutions which headquarter here are the Dutch National Competitor Authority, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and OPTA - the Dutch Independent Post and Telecommunications Authority. Multinational companies are equally attracted to The Hague, with notable presence from AT&T, Huawei, Nokia and Siemens, alongside others.

‘Companies are more and more collaborating together, and this is possible here in The Hague, because you have very close ways to colleagues from other industries.’

Mark Klein
- CEO T-Mobile

Energy & Renewables

For decades, The Hague’s focus has been with developing renewable energy and tapping into the potential of new technologies that make a positive impact on the environment. In this respect, the municipality of The Hague has recently set the ambitious goal of becoming a CO² neutral city by the year 2030. The first initiatives indicate a promising start towards attaining this aim, with the Dutch Renewable Energy Foundation launched in late 2015 with its headquarters in The Hague. The potential to achieve this ambition is further backed by the presence of institutions that score highly on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, such as Aegon.

The Hague is also home to one of the most recognised names of the Oil & Gas industry: the Royal Dutch Shell, as well as a regional centre for other important players, such as Kuwait Petroleum (Q8). Networking and industry organisations which represent the interests of companies holding licenses in the Netherlands, like NOGEPA and the VNPI, are also present in The Hague. This infrastructure opens up opportunities. Various international Oil & Gas enterprises choose The Hague for their operations, such as CB&I.

‘The Hague is an ideal place for CB&I’s corporate headquarters. The Netherlands offers a central geographical position; a stable, political, economic and fiscal climate; and an excellent infrastructure. Being in The Hague brings us to the heart of the industry that we serve’.

Phil Asherman
- President and CEO of CB&I

Legal & Finance

The Hague is a key player within the legal and finance sector. Industries such as insurance, asset management and pension expertise are well-established within the city, employing around 13,000 people. In an industry which requires caution, experience, knowledge sharing, a stable environment and astute governance, The Hague provides all of these assurances. The presence of government institutions and regulatory bodies, such as the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, alongside numerous insurance companies, like Aegon International BV and Zurich Insurance Group, as well as major investment banks, with ING and Deutsche Bank just a few of the major players, ensures the necessary stability and interconnectedness which ultimately sustain any efficient financial sector.

All of these elements are augmented by educational facilities of international renown, such as the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University, which offers world-class degrees in management and finance, thus supplying a self-replenishing pool of specialised talent. Furthermore, The Hague’s renown, enhanced by the presence of diverse and vast knowledge hubs, has recently opened up new avenues. The establishment of the international Court of Financial Arbitration (P.R.I.M.E. Finance) in January 2012 merely lays the groundwork for other actors to join the city’s constantly expanding financial sector, as well as enhancing the synergies with the legal domain.

With an international community of more than 50,000 people living in and around The Hague, the city has a lot to offer our employees. It provides an attractive environment in which to live and work. And this, combined with the city’s central location, makes it an ideal base for our offices.

Jeroen Drost
- CEO of NIBC Bank N.V.