The Sustainability The Hague

Both the city of The Hague and The Hague Convention Bureau have a strong commitment to social and environmental sustainability. In this section you can find out how your congress can benefit from the sustainability efforts of the city.

The Hague’s Environmental Sustainability Goals

For us in The Hague, the world’s challenge of environmental sustainability is very close to home and we take the problem very seriously. Our city has a beautiful and unique location on the coastline and this translates into a very special relationship to the sea and nature surrounding it. Much of the Netherlands is below sea-level, with a sophisticated and high-tech system of dikes and dunes protecting the country. It doesn’t come as a surprise that rising sea levels and other threats that are a direct result of poor environmental practices, are the challenge that is high on the agenda of the whole country.

In this commitment, The Hague leads the way. Our city strives to be climate-neutral in 2030, which is 10 years ahead of the national goal of the Netherlands.

The Hague’s ambition is supported by its plan to further reduce CO2 emissions, expand sustainable district heating, and to make the city more climate-proof. In 2014 the first success became apparent when the CO2 emissions were reduced by 33% due to many local sustainable initiatives and with a little help by the weather.

Together with powerful organisations like The Hague Institute for Global Justice, the World Resources Institute, Climate Alliance, Eurocities, Covenant of Mayors, and the Compact of Mayors supporting the initiative, the city has a strong wind at its back on the way to achieving its ambitious goal.

Making Your Event Sustainable

In The Hague everyone is motivated to achieve the goal to be emission free by 2030. The municipality of The Hague promotes renewable energy and offers support to stakeholders to improve their ecological footprint. Thus many hotels in the city hold the Green key certificate which is a voluntary eco label that is assigned to hotels. Next to that many partners of THCB actively improve their processes towards a more sustainable approach in the business event industry.

Green Key Label

The Green Key is an international standard for excellence, given to businesses in the hospitality industry. It serves as a recognition for sustainable operations and  observance to strict environmental regulations. Hotels in The Hague are granted with the award because of its use of solar panels, energy-saving lamps, light sensors, and timers for air conditioning and heating. 

Blue Flag Award

Blue Flag is an international eco-label for clean beaches and marinas. The programme sets strict environmental, educational, safety- and access-related criteria, which our city is strongly committed to meet and maintain. The engagement of The Hague resulted in the Kijkduin resort, Scheveningen beaches and the marina to be awarded with the Blue Flag certificate for the third year in a row. 

Beyond Saving Energy

We believe that saving energy is an important way to help the climate but we also think that generating renewable energy is another important step to achieve the goal of our city. One of the knowledge clusters in The Hague is Energy & Renewables within which numerous companies work to make renewable energy accessible and efficient. It comes as no surprise that The Hague is the city that has more solar panel installations than any other city in the Netherlands!