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The Hague Convention Bureau Webinar

The importance of strategic partnerships in business.

Partnerships are built on trust, respect amongst partners with similar values and shared goals. Strategic partnerships are important because of the access to knowledge, competitive advantage increases the customer base and more. 

Webinar in partnership with Ottawa, focusing on thriving partnerships.

During this one-hour session, which will be done in cooperation with Ottawa, we are going to talk about the importance of strategic partnerships in business.

In this session, we are going to examine successful partnerships that bring you a long way, especially in challenging times.   

  • Forming the partnership: here we will discuss what are successful partnerships, how do you measure them, how are they formed, types of partnerships, etc. 

  • How are the international partnerships evolving and emerging, what are the trends?

  • How to leverage partnerships when planning your 2021 budget?



About the moderator

About the speakers

Olga Golubova

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