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The Hague webinar
The Impact The Conference The Hague.


Outlook on the meetings industry and shared best practices during and post COVID-19 disruption.

The Hague Convention Bureau is launching a series of webinars in which we will address the current pressing matters that arose due to Covid-19 disruption, share best practices and provide you with advice.

The Hague webinar
webinar #3

How are destination marketing communications strategies evolving right now?

SAVE THE DATE | 📆 4 June 2020  | 🕒 16:00 - 17:00 CET

In this episode of The Hague Convention Bureau’s webinar we will continue discussing about the outlook of the meetings industry during a covid-19 pandemic. 
📍 This time we will zoom in on (content) marketing communications. 
📍 Where are the marketing activities shifting to?
đź“Ť What are inventive solutions?
đź“Ť How to shape messaging?

Speakers line-up and registration
The Hague webinar
webinar #2

How are sales activities in the meetings industry evolving in time where there is little demand?

During this one hour free interactive webinar with our panelists we have continued our discussion on the outlook of the meetings industry.

This time we deepened into investigating sales activities and how covid-19 has interfered and changed our approach and communication towards our current and potential clients. 

Our international panelists have shared their perspectives.

Click here for the webinar recording
The Hague webinar
webinar #1

What can the global meetings industry do and expect due to Covid-19?

Due to the required self-isolation across the globe the world has come to a standstill. The economy and the industries are being impacted hard (due to the spread of the virus). One industry in particular is the meetings and business tourism (MICE) industry. This is the first time the world is facing such drastic measures in a virus situation.

In this webinar we presented the various viewpoints from all over the world to learn what can we as a meetings industry do and expect due to Covid-19:

  • What would be the advice from our peers in different continents dealing with the situation?
  • What can we learn and adopt from them (best practices) in order to get back on our feet as soon as possible after the virus is contained? 
Click here for the webinar recording
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