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Green The Hague
The Impact The Conference The Hague.

Sustainable city

The Hague: an ideal city for greener meetings and events

The Hague is the only major Dutch city directly located at the coast - it is known as the City by the Sea.
The city of The Hague and The Hague Convention Bureau share a strong commitment to sustainability, both social and environmental sustainability. It therefore goes without saying that sustainability is integral to all conventions organised in the city.

The Hague a green city
The Hague beach

The Hague’s environmental goals

As most of the Netherlands is below sea level, the challenge of tackling sea level rise is high on the country’s agenda.

The country is protected by a sophisticated high-tech system of dikes and dunes that maintain the desired water level.

As The Hague is on the coast, the city takes sustainability very seriously. 

In fact, The Hague can be named as the leader in urban environmental innovation. 


Making your event sustainable

The Hague sustainability facts and figures

From all the places The Hague is the best choice for organising eco-friendly meetings and events.

kilometres of bicycle lanes
minutes cycling across the whole city
kilometres of coastline
Nature The Hague
cycling in The Hague
Environmentally-friendly city

Cycling in The Hague

Cycling is big in the Netherlands and, in fact, a quarter of all journeys are done by bikes!
In our city main streets have dedicated cycle paths and the whole city has over 370 kilometres of bicycle lanes, plus numerous bicycle lock-ups and bicycles for rent.

Cycling across the city will only take you around 45 minutes. The Hague is a compact city and this makes walking to most places a viable and enjoyable option too. On foot you can reach the beach from the city centre in under an hour. To the surprise of many visitors, going from the city centre to the beach, means going uphill over the top of the dunes to reach the sea! 

So getting around is easy and environmentally friendly for delegates.
But what about sustainable venues and accommodation?

Sustainable venues
Marjolein Lalleman

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